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Save notes into separate file names. Type in both a file name and notes. Click save file. The next time you visit the page, type in the file name and click Show File. Files can also be deleted. The site uses Javascript Local Storage to save information. The information stored does not go to the server. The stored information is not secured and can be accessed by looking at the developer tools of the browser. Each time a file is saved it's added to the File List. Click on File List to show prior file names. HTML can also be supported in the notes. When Show File is clicked, the HTML will be displayed above the File Name. After creating code, save the file with a name to show the updated code.

SVG allows graphics to be created inside the HTML. Create and end the graphics area with the SVG button. Insert Circle, Rectangle and Text within the SVG tags. SVG Code Example of a Stick Figure

SVG Code Example of Two Stick Figures

SVG Code Example of They Don't Know Meme
They don't know I make memes
Copy and paste the text below into the Notes area above. Then change the text. Make a file name and click Save File to save changes and show the meme.

SVG Example: Four Squares with text on left and pictures on right.
Miami Paris

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