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Pay rent by clicking on the button below. Place a note for the month on the Paypal website. Thank you for paying online. Please select a bank account as the payment source to avoid the credit card fees. See tips below about using Paypal.

Use the button below to pay one months rent.

Rent Options

Use the button bellow to subscribe to 4 months of rent payments.

Use the unsubscribe button to stop recurrent payments.

Paypal Tips - Open up a separate bank account to link to your Paypal account. This is more secure than using your primary bank account. Several online bank accounts are available and they charge lower fees than brick and mortar banks. This page and the payments here are meant only for the renters who have signed rental agreements.

If you are interested in getting rent paid online through Paypal with no fees, consider making a post on Malabar Coast Trade. No fees can occur if the payment is made using the bank account as the primary financial source.