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Fick Cardiac Output Calculator

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Cardiac Output = (135*BSA)/(13 * Hgb * (Arterial O2 - Venous O2)).

Arterial O2
Venous O2
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Fick Cardiac Output

Fick Principle

Cardiac Output

Determination of Cardiac Output

Cardiac Index

Cardiac Index = Cardiac Output / Body Surface Area
Normal 2.5-4.2 L/ min / m^2

Cardiac Output
Body Surface Area
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Cardiac Output

Cardiac Output = Heart Rate * Stroke Volume
Normal 4-8 LPM

Heart Rate
Stroke Volume
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Mean Arterial Pressure

Mean Arterial Pressure = (Systolic BP + (2*Diastolic BP)/3
Normal 70-105 mm Hg

Systolic BP
Diastolic BP
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Sources: Books for Medical Students.

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