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History Taker

A free electronic personal electronic health record.

Hit the HPI then PMH buttons to answer questions.


HPI Button - History of Present Illness:
How old is this patient?
What is the sex of this patient?
What is this patient's chief compaint?
What is the duration?
What are the associated symptoms?

PMH Button - Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Medications, Allergies:
What is this patient's past medical history?
What is the patient's past surgical history?
What medications does this patient take?
What are this patient's allergies?

Please make any corrections below and then press "Generate Final" to get a personal health record page in the new window. To save the file, select "File>Save As>" and save as an HTML file.

Copy to Vista, Epic, or other electronic health record.





Where can this be used?
History taker can be used as a preliminary method of information gathering in a healthcare facility or at home. It can be used in clinics.

Does collect any of the information entered above?
No, the program above uses Javascript to create text. This program and the information it creates remains on your computer and does not get transmitted to other computers. Javascript only temporarily creates data on your computer, and it is erased once you move away from this page in most cases. The information above can only be saved by the user when they save the created file on their on computer.


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