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H. pylori

H. pylori is a bacteria that lives in the stomach and can cause ulcers and gastritis. Symptoms including bloating and upper abdominal pain. The best test for H. pylori is an upper endoscopy with biopsy. The self pay rate for an upper endoscopy can be $2000. An at home breath test is available from the office. The self pay rate for the lab test is about $115 for delivery to the home and about $30 for a box that can be picked up at the office. Virtual Visits for at home testing are available across the state of Florida.

After an upper endoscopy, the biopsy results are usually available within a week. Treatment includes antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors for 10 to 14 days. Eight weeks after therapy, an H. pylori stool test is ordered to confirm eradication. Chronic H. pylori infection can lead to an increased risk of stomach cancer (1,2).

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2. H. pylori seropositivity before age 40 and subsequent risk of stomach cancer: a glimpse of the true relationship?