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Joseph Sunny Jr MD
175 SW 7th Street Suite 1600, Miami, FL 33130

Dr. Joseph K. Sunny, Jr. MD. Gastroenterologist in Miami, Florida.

Self pay initial visits are $200. Follow up visits are $100. Procedures such as upper endoscopy or colonoscopy can be $2000 without insurance.

The clinic is currently out of network for Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health, and Oscar. A patient can be seen in clinic but would have to pay the self pay rates. If the patient can provide written proof of out of network benefits from the insurance company, then they can schedule a visit without paying upfront. Otherwise, the patient would have to pay and a bill of services will be provided to the patient. Afterwards, the patient can submit the bill to the insurance company for re-imbursement. The clinic can not guarantee that reimbursement will be made by the insurance companies.
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Evaluation for bloating after a negative EGD is an example of a self pay visit.

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