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For those aspiring to make a breathtaking view on all sides of their rooms, we introduce these ceiling tiles. The intricate floral patterns are hand-carved into a teakwood surface. In addition to standing alone as an ornate ceiling design, this item would complement a wood-paneled room beautifully.
The ceiling panel frames are four feet by four feet, and each panel contains four panels. The frames have a thickness of two inches. The floral designs are carved onto a 20mm teakwood panels, and the inner panel is 15mm thick teakwood. This item is completely made from natural wood. This item can also be custom made in oak.
Ordering Information:
Orders from estate home builders, custom home builders, and individual buyers are welcome. We require a minimum order of 1500 square feet, and please allow a manufacturing and delivery time of 90 days.
$33 per square feet. Mimimum oder will $49,500, and this includes shipping. Please contact me regarding payment.

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