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Calculator Creator

See Calculator Creator with Instructions.





Create Calculator

Earn money by creating calculators. Send the code to my e-mail address in plain text with only the html code created by this calculator and any other minor adjustments. I will send you $2 by Paypal to the e-mail address you used. By submitting the code you release all rights to the code to me and retain no copyright. Please copy and paste these terms into the e-mail also.


How could I create a Javascript program with Calculator Creator?

In a few steps, you can create a Javascript program without having to write code.
First, define a variable. A variable is part of a computer program, and it is manipulated by the program to create a result. A variable name can be in several forms, yet the easiest names are self-explanatory. You can define several variables. Enter a variable name and press "Add Variable". The variables added this way are user generated variables. The final program will ask the user to define these variables.
Second, define a calculation. The calculation can use several mathematical symbols, "/","*","+","-", and "=". For most situations, a new variable is created using previously defined variables. An example would be : "total = first_number + second_number". After defining a calculation, press "Add Calculation".
Third, press "Add Button". This is the beginning of finishing the code. This will add a button to the program which the user will press to run the program.
Fourth, create an output area. Press "Create Output Area". This will create a text box, and this will be where the program will display the results of its calculations.
Fifth, define outputs. State what variable you want the program to show, and press "Define Output". To add a description to the variable, add the text near the defined variable as shown below.
"New Total = " + total
To add more than one output, define each additional output, and press "Add Output".
Sixth, if you would like to preview the webpage, press "Preview".
Seventh, press "Create" to create the final code with both HTML and Javascript. This code can be copied and saved into an ".html" file.
Eighth, to preview the new program, press "Preview" button under "Create Calculator". See if the program works as expected, and make any changes. From this window, click on "File" and "Save As" to save it as a HTML file.

Where can I publish these pages?
These pages can be published on the web. Several free sites exist for publishing. If you would like to publish them here on this site, please contact me at the e-mail address below. To offset the price of hosting these pages, advertising will be placed on the pages with the program.

Pages Created with Calculator Creator:
-Naked Put Calculator

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