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HTML Editor

Joseph Sunny

HTML Editor will create a document in HTML. It will help you develop webpages quickly whether your an experienced web developer or a beginner in HTML. Type in the first text area. Use the forms and buttons to create HTML tags. Make sure to use the proper end tags for the buttons at the bottom to stop the effects of the tags.
After finishing the body, fill in the fields for the page properties. Click "Generate Code" to make the HTML. Click "Preview" to view the final document. To save the document, follow one of the following directions. Cut and Paste the HTML into a text editor, like Notepad, and save the document with an ".html" extension. In Internet Explorer, after clicking on "Preview", in the "Save as type:", choose "Web Page, HTML only".
To retrieve the file, type in the address of the file or open the file. The files could also be uploaded to a server. If you need more help, visit the Geocities HTML Help area.
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